Production Magic Tricks

Production Magic Tricks
Parlor magic, or production magic, is the art of producing something out of nothing, or seeming to, anyway! You can do this with a magic production box, or other gimmicked item such as the Change Tube or the Crystal Clear Magic Cube, the Wonder Box, or with other magic production items, including the Popcorn Dye Box, the Crystal Silk Cylinder, or a Change Bag. We carry several brands of production magic items, including Ickle Pickle, an industry favorite for stage magic tricks.
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Popcorn Dye Magic Box
Thumb Tip Flame by Vernet
Silk in Balloon Magic Trick
E-Z Hat Loader
Wonder Box Magic Trick
$20.00 $16.00
Crystal Clear Magic Cubes
Fire Palms Magic Trick
Regular Change Bags
Silk-Cola with Pringles Magic Trick
$30.00 $24.00
Dove Pans
Dove Pans G1395
Fire to Silk Magic Trick
Flower From Hanky Magic Trick
Zipper Change Bags
Chick Pans
Clown Lunch Box Magic Trick