Hospital Clown Props

Hospital Clown Props
Clown medical props are a great way to make kids laugh. These oversized and cartoony medical props include funny bones, giant thermometers, "stool" samples, frowning tongue depressors and giant bandages take a universal human experience – getting medical treatment – and make it into a universally funny routine. Clown medical supplies help people laugh at some things that everyone has to go through. Use these medical props and you're sure to have your audience in stitches.
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Stool Sample Gag
Smile On A Stick ®
Smile On A Stick (Light Skin Tone) ®
Giant Syringes (22" Long)
Giant Thermometers (14")
Giant Toothbrush, Red (15")
Clown Stethoscope Prop
Scarecrow Deluxe Bucky Teeth Cap
Smile On A Stick (Medium Skin Tone) ®
Giant Toothbrush, Green (15")
Giant Toothbrush, Yellow (15")
Nurse Ducky Prop (1 each, Assorted Style)
Smiley Face Inflatable Mallet, 22" (3/Pack)
Mental Floss Gag
Tongue Depressor Gag
Medical Record Gag
Fake Hypo Syringe Gag
Nerd Glasses
Hospital Clowning Tote Bags
Bunny Teeth
Sweet Tooth Box Gag