Hospital Clown Supplies

Hospital Clown Supplies
Is there a doctor in the house? Hospital clown supplies take your doctor character to a new level of entertainment. Stethoscope gags, giant shots, and medical "records" props are among our wide selection of hospital clown props. Your comic doctor or nurse may not have a medical degree, but when you use these hospital clown props, there will be no doubt that laughter is the best medicine.
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Stool Sample Gag
Giant Syringes (22" Long)
Smiley Face Stickers
Clown Stethoscope Prop
Giant Thermometers (14")
Clown Prescription Notepads in Yellow
Nerd Glasses
Tongue Depressor Gag
Mini Giggle Stick
Hospital Clowning Tote Bags
Smiling Clown Physician Mask
Mini Butterfly Nets
Nurse Ducky Prop (1 each, Assorted Style)
Clown Prescription Notepads in Blue
Frog In Throat Prop
Giant Rubber Ears
Medical Record Gag