Parade & Walk Around Props

Parade & Walk Around Props
Clown parade props, or walk-around props, help you get out into your audience. These clown props, perfect for the clown walk-around portion of your performance, give your audience a way to connect with you. These parade props keep you moving and give you a chance to showcase your exaggerated reactions, much to the delight of your audiences. We carry medical props, rubber props and giant props including hats, food, and dental supplies. We also have signs that give funny warnings and instructions, and give-aways for your audience to take home. In the hands of a skilled clown, a walk-around prop can be one of your most versatile and entertaining tools.
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Giant Scissors Prop (15")
Invisible Dog Leashes
Super Size 50 Gallon Cowboy Hats - (28")
Giant Comb (15") - Yellow
Jumbo Lollipops (9")
Giant Syringes (22" Long)
Really Big Pencils (14") - Green
$6.00 $5.00
Jumbo Dime (3")
Jumbo Nickel (3")
Giant Fly Swatters (31")
Jumbo Paperclip
Rubber Fish Prop
Clap Board (Movie) Sm 7"x8"
$5.95 $4.00
Clap Board (Movie) - Sm / Lg
Giant Cartoon Hands
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