Wig Care, Wig Storage & Accessories

Wig Care, Wig Storage & Accessories
Clown wigs are an important part of any clown costume, and serious clowns don't mind investing in them. But to make the investment worth it, wig care and wig storage should be an indispensable part of any clowning routine. Wig care includes cleaning the insides of the wig, shaking out any glitter or confetti that might have landed in it, and washing then combing or brushing out the hair. To store a wig, use a styrofoam head or wire wig stand to help it keep its wig shape when you're not wearing it. If you're traveling for a performance, and you'll need to put your wig in storage, consider a wig boxit carries wig and stand both until you get to your destination.
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Nylon Wig Cap - Brown
Nylon Wig Cap
Wig Scrunchies (each)
Nylon Wig Cap - Black
Black Lycra Clown Hood
Hexagonal Wig Box
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