Straight Wigs

Straight Wigs
We offer an extensive collection of straight wigs, some of them so nice you could wear them when you're not clowning, as well! There are long costume wigs with bangs, such as the bob, shag, and pageboy. There are short style straight wigs, like the Candy, and the 20's era Fun Flip. There are straight wigs for both men and women, and some truly wacky costume wigs, like the Gidget, with its vertical pigtails, and the Punk, which rocks this long-haired wig in several colors. Whether your clown is a fun flirt or a clueless slacker, there is a straight costume wig for you.
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Bald Straight Clown Wig - Blue
$23.50 $21.50
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Orange
$23.50 $21.50
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Black
$23.50 $21.50
Bald Straight Clown Wig - Yellow
$23.50 $21.50
Karmae Wig -  Yellow
Karmae Wig - Lavender
Loca Small Clown Wig - Green/White
$18.00 $14.40
Karmae Wig - White
Small Raggedy Ann Wig
$11.50 $9.20
Bald Straight Clown Wig - White
$26.50 $21.20
Silly Boy  Wig - Yellow
Silly Boy  Wig - Orange
Silly Boy Deluxe Wig - Black
$58.00 $46.40
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