3 Great Pranks for April Fools

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do April Fools bring? Squirting flowers of course!

Well it’s that time of year again when every one gets to play the fool and what better place to look for April fools pranks than Clown Antics. Why we have more gags than you can shake a rubber chicken at. The best gags I think are the ones people won’t see coming.


The squirt ketchup and squirt mustard bottles are a classic and they look like a regular squirt bottles. Offer to put the condiments on your friend’s hot dog, burger etc. and when you squeeze the bottle it appears they get sprayed with the ketchup/ mustard. The bottles are rigged with a string (red for ketchup, yellow for mustard), which shoots out when you squeeze the bottle. The effect looks very real and does not cause a mess. A tip on pre- squirting your victim: hold your finger over the bottle nozzle concealing the knot in the string and give the bottle a couple of shakes. The string rattles around inside making it sound like there is liquid inside.

No meal is complete without a snack. The snakes in a chip can are a great way to get your fool on. I love this version of the peanut brittle snake gag; it puts a new spin on an old standard. The can resembles a snack chip can sold in grocery stores, but when your guest helps themselves to a treat, the snakes give them a real surprise. I use a similar gag in my stage show.

When the party is over, there is nothing like a group photo to remember your fun filled day. If you use the squirting snake camera it’s sure to be a time not soon forgotten. Pose your friends up for a group picture using your new camera; as they smile for the picture they get squirted with water, but wait there’s more. Convince them you’re done fooling around; if that’s possible at this point, and take a second picture. This time snakes fly out of the flash compartment and give the crowd one last hurrah.  So have fun this April 1st and leave em’ laughing
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