3 Great Walk Around Gags

One of the greatest things for a performing clown to have in their arsenal is good walk around gags. Not everyone has the skill or the desire to be a proficient magic clown; so a great alternative is to have some nice pocket gags. Walk around gags don’t require a high skill level like magic tricks but with good patter they will make you a star.

Stan C. Wolnic: Vaudeville Comic and Comedy Prop Pioneer

Stan is well known for his use of comedic props in his vaudeville performances.
The Bang Gun is believed to originate from a prop early vaudevillians used to spoof the "Bang" shown on screen in silent movies when a gun was fired. It soon became a classic for comedians and clowns everywhere.

My Clown Story

My Clown Story, a Clown Antics original, has certainly stood the test of time. This routine comes with beautiful color photos, which help you tell your story of being a real clown, showing off images of your Clown Parents, the Kids, what you like for breakfast (Coffee and Rolls), and more. This is a sure thing, the jokes tell themselves, but you do receive a suggested patter for the story. The whole trick is kept nicely in a vinyl wallet for easy access that protects the photos for many repeat performances.

Invisible Dog Leash

Invisible Dog Leash - item N1150
A personal favorite and one of my first gags passed down to me from my father is the Invisible Dog Leash. This is a fantastic gag for parades or walking around the festival grounds. You proudly stroll along, leash in hand, while your invisible doggie leads the way. Of course when asked what kind of dog you have, it should only be obvious that it is an AIRdale. This is a great item for learning pantomime: let your invisible dog pull you along while you try holding him back, because the leash is rigid you can really struggle keeping Fido under control. You can also team it up with a Foam Hot Dog (My Dog FRANK) or Rubber Chicken (a BIRD dog).

Free B's

Foam Letters are great walk around gags and priced so that they can be a give away. Stroll up to a willingly looking bystander and ask if they would like a Free B, after all everyone likes a freebie. Now pull out a foam letter B and hand it to them, “there’s your free B!” you exclaim; the door is now open for you to entertain them further. Similar items are a brown E (brownie) or a black I (black eye), they are very compact and easy to carry a variety of Foam Letters to change your byplay as you work the crowd.

So take your time and check out the variety of walk around gags and pocket tricks in our on line catalog.
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