3 Tips Every Clown Should Follow

The following tips I have learned firsthand in my 11 years of experience of being a clown and working in a lot of birthday events during these years. By following these tips your clowning gigs will go much smoother for you and your clients.

Pikorete The Clown Speaker Microphone

Tip #1 – You should always have your own speaker system and microphone.

This is one of the most important things a clown should have in his equipment because most of the events we do where there are a lot of people, usually get really loud and having a speaker system with a microphone will make sure you can be heard without you having to raise your voice and hurting your throat. I prefer a wireless microphone because that way there is no cable on my way and I can walk around freely while performing with no interruptions.

Muñequita Pompita Face Painter Pikorete

Tip #2 – Always take control of the groups.

When performing, I always make sure to give clear and direct instructions all the time on what I want the different groups to be doing. You can be funny and goofy when giving the instructions, but they should be firm. By doing this you will find that most of the time the children and adults will start to follow your lead and you both can have a great time together during your show.

Pikorete Clown Adults and Kids Playing Together

Tip #3 – Make everybody in the event a participant in your show

When I’m doing my birthday party shows, I have a format I follow so the children and adults don’t get bored. I usually start talking to everyone at once, introducing the birthday boy or girl, then I introduce myself. I have games for kids and for grownups. When doing the games, I first start with the kids than I will do a game combining kids and adults. I keep switching like this during the first 30 or 40 minutes than I do one last funny game with the adults. This formula has worked great for me because everyone participates and have fun and the last game with the adults is the one that the they remember most and if it’s funny and they liked it, they will want to hire your services for other events.

In my next post I will be talking about how I end my shows and I will be giving you some tips on how you can differentiate yourself from other clowns so you have something unique that no one else does.

Pikorete The Clown and Pompita The Face Painter serves the area in Rochester, NY and nearby cities. Pikorete likes to celebrate Birthdays for kids and adults alike, Baby Showers, Sweet 16, Graduations, Weddings, school parties and any other event that the host wants it to be fun. His specialty is making little people and big people, young and old, laugh with his funny games, dances, and other crazy stuffs that he does or that he invents at the moment. You can visit his website at http://www.pikoretetheclown.com

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