4th of July Face Painting Design

The Old Red, White and Blue. Nothing says 4th of July in America like the waving of Old Glory and the traditional fireworks display. This design uses a simplified version of the American flag with fireworks as the backdrop.

Use a flat angle brush to draw red and white stripes Step 1: Start with a flat, angled brush about half inch width for making the stripes. Red will be the first color then a white stripe below.

Use a slight sweeping motion while applying the stripes to give your banner movement.
Step 2: With the same brush make a small blue square to the right of these stripes. Add a blue square to the left of the first 2 stripes
Add one more red stripe starting from beneath the blue square Step 3: Starting beneath the blue square add one final red stripe.
Step 4: Finish your banner with a simple black line running vertical long your banner to represent a flagpole. Add a single black line for a flag pole
Use a fine tip brush to add fireworks above the flag Step 5: A fine tip, round brush will work well for your fireworks. Make simple arched lines of red, white and blue adding few hash marks at the end of each brush stroke to simulate the burst.
Step 6: I chose to accent only the red burst with glitter for my panting, but you can of course use more if you wish. Add glitter!

Now your 4th of July paint is ready for the show, enjoy!
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