5 Great Clown Gags

Gags and Props

Clowns using props and gags is always a crowd pleaser. If I had a quarter for every time someone asked to squeak my nose or wanted to know if my flower squirts water....


  • Always make sure your victims are having a good time and are OK with you messing with them. We are not out to make people unhappy.
  • If possible make yourself the brunt of the joke or gag.

Snake In A Can

Snake in a Can is an oldie but a goodie. Be creative and disguise your can, and they won't see the gag coming. In my act I have an audience member help me do tricks with my pet skunk, their job is to feed him his treats. I have a 30 foot spring snake that is packed into a plastic can labeled animal chow. They cup their hands as I get ready to pour out some animal chow then out flies 30' of spring loaded madness.

Squirting Camera

The Double Squirting camera is perfect of a walk around trick. You can either pose someone for a picture and squirt them or set the camera to squirt your victim as they take your picture. What fun!

Pet B

I'd like to by a vowel Pet! The little foam letters sold for sight gags are great. You can buy brown E's, black I's or a free B. The letter b can also be your pet bee. I bought a large letter B and use it in my stage show for a quick filler bit.

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How much is the dbl squirt camera and is it a bigger one not the tinier one; I have a smaller version ( not dbl squirt) what about fire extinguisher squirting guns

Garry Burchett

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