6 Fun Circus Themed Games For Kids Parties

Circus themed parties are super easy to organize and they work pretty well for kids ages 4 through 7 years old. Here are a few games that will make this activity super fun.

When you go to a circus you expect to laugh and have a good time. That´s the same thing you should be looking to do in your circus themed party. Try the following games and have a blast with the kids:

#1. The Lion Tamer


One of the kids is selected to be the Lion Tamer and will have his or her eyes covered so they can’t see. There should be cones or objects marking the limits of where the kids can’t go over. The other kids will be the Lions who will make a circle around the Lion Tamer.

When the game starts, you have to disorient the Lion Tamer by making him or her turn around in circles 5 times at least. The Lions will escape all around the room without going over the limit and the Lion Tamer has to try to find them. As soon as he or she traps one, then that kid will become the next Lion Tamer.

#2. Sleeping Tigers

Sleeping Kids

The kids are all laying on the ground pretending they are asleep without moving. As soon as they make any move, even a small one, they are eliminated. The last one who doesn’t move is the winner. Sounds easy and simple, but it’s hard for the kids to stay still. You can use a time limit if they wiggle a lot.


#3. Funny Clown

Funny Clown

Tell the kids and/or their parents that each kid is going to be a funny clown at one moment and they should come prepare with a funny joke to tell or act. If they don’t know one, you can teach them one at the last moment. When you are ready for this part, have the kids sit around in a circle on the floor and each one gets up to do his or her funny clown act.

You can find a lot of funny and silly clown jokes here!

#4. Skillful Clowns


Make a pyramid on top of a table  of cups, yogurt containers, cubes or anything useful you can find. Tell the kids to form a line at a distance from the table. Grab three small balls and give them to the first kid in line. The challenge is to try to knock out the pyramid with the less quantity of balls.

#5. Circus Revolution


Make four teams of kids (elephants, lions, dogs and horses). Cover their eyes so they can’t see. Spread them around the room. When the game starts, they have to gather with their team members by making the sound of their team’s animal and listening for the other kids. The first team who can get all together, wins.

#6. Tumbling Contest


Make 2 straight lines of kids. These are the 2 teams that will be competing against each other. The game consist of a race with each of the kids, one by one, doing tumblings to the end mark. As soon as one of the kids gets to the end mark, the next kid starts. The winner is the team that can get all their Tumblers to the other side first.

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