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If there is one day a year befitting the clown life it is April Fools Day. The silly pranks, gags and other nonsense that everyone wants to be a part of just proves there is a little clown inside everyone. This is certainly a day that has been embraced by our culture as an excuse to cut loose, have some fun and maybe pull a fast one over on our friends.

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Avereill Gston Fromage French Comic 1823-1898

Averell Gaston Fromage
French Comic

April Fools festivities can be traced to mid 1800’s France where comedian Averill Gaston Fromage was laying the path for comics and clowns alike. Averill was a master juggler and acrobat but inspired by the great Joseph Grimaldi himself, Averill found his way into comedic productions. His amazing physical skills, impeccable timing and absolute command of the audience earned him great regard as a true artist in his field. So captivating were his performances they were described as a comedie de ballet. Although his talents opened the doors for entertaining the greatest of French aristocrats, Averill found his greatest pleasure in street performances for the common folk. He was so embraced by the populous that many tried to imitate his antics with buffoonery of their own creating a sub culture of comedic enthusiasts.  Upon his death in 1898 the absence this iconic figure seemed unbearable; therefore in honor of his birthday, which was actually April 7, the month of April became known as “Poisson di’ Avril or Fool of April. This was the time to celebrate the man who brought so much laughter and joy to everyone no matter what class they were in socially. Eventually the Festivities were reined into one day, April 1st, a day everyone is encouraged to be a fool.

Clown Antics has quite the selection of gags, noisemakers and props to help you celebrate the legacy of Averill Gaston Fromage.  


Say cheese! n13410

This squirting camera is such a sneaky way to get your fool on, with this unsuspecting prop you can get right up close and personal to your victims and give them a surprise they never saw coming. If you want the more traditional approach for your already awesome clown costume, try a squirting flower or bow tie.



Here is another great way to have some April fool fun, conceal a squeaker in your hand while in a busy public place and give it a periodic squeeze, now watch as people try to figure out the mystery noise. What kind of fool would you be without the old stand by, snake in a can? Offer your friend some tasty jellybeans and stand back as the open the can and get attacked by spring snakes.



In need of a little help pulling off some tomfoolery? Take a look at our collection of clowning books they are sure to help you become a fool for a day.

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By the way, before you Google search our friend Averill…. April Fools!


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