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Some of our recent blogs have covered topics like, encouraging one another, making sure we are a quality performer, learning/improving our skills, and keeping current with the times.This is all well and good you might say, but where to go for such training? If there were only some sort of collection of instructions, a list of ideas, a guide to clowning if you will. Oh Wait…..there is!

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A few years back in 2009 when Blake Cabot purchased Clown Antics, he wanted to build the online supply store to also include tips of the trade for clowns and like minded performers. Slowly we built a Clown Guide full of clown class notes, balloon twisting guides, magic trick demos and other points of interest for the family entertainer. Eventually we moved to the blogging format you see today bringing in guest writers, interviews with performers and regular professional face painting tips and tutorials. Elizabeth McKinney has been tremendously helpful in getting a solid format to the face paint tutorials here on Clown Antics and our sister company Facepaint.com.

Along the way, as we were working to make improvements to our site and find new ways for your experience at Clown Antics to be the best ever, the Clown Guide managed to slip into the background. We had changed hosting servers and had not brought the guide with us, sort of like Woody and the other toys getting lost in the move. Fortunately we have some great tech people on our side and the Clown Guide was retrieved from the depths of the internet. (insert cheers and confetti here) A big thank you to Dinesh for figuring out the solution.

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What does this all mean?

Blake, Pamela and I realized all of this information could not go to waste, yet at the same time too large of a collection to simply rewrite. The task of putting this Fountain of Knowledge back in the hands of the public was bestowed upon yours truly.

Diagrams were laid out, notes written, complex theories formulated, however there seemed to be no logical remedy to the situation at hand. Therefore I did what I do best; throw logic out the window, improvise, use clever misdirection accompanied by some delightful patter to dazzle the audience. In laymen’s terms: wrote a blog that hopefully entertains and educates as you read.

The solution; tell you about about our company, introduce you to some of the great people on the Clown Antics team as I cleverly integrate the Clown Guide into the post. In the future as we write more blogs you will note that tutorials will be linked to the Clown Guide category in the hopes to remind you to check the archives of the Clown Guide for some interesting and helpful tips.

I want to send special thanks and introduce the readers to Yumer, part of the Clown Antics team. Yumer has been involved in so many of the projects it would be hard to list them all. He does help organize the cool contests, works with our Facebook and other social media as well as find answers to my many questions like “why does the internet hate me?” As I am not tech savvy at all he somehow manages to make me look relatively in touch with the computer world.

We also are fortunate have the delightful and knowledgeable Nicole and Amanda working the customer service department. Their goal is to keep you the customer completely satisfied with our company, service and products. If you have a question about clowning or products to which they don’t have an answer, Amanda and Nicole will send it along to me and I will do my very best to get the answer you need. We have a great crew in the warehouse and I think we will feature them in a future post. For now we send them a big thank you!

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all of our wonderful readers and customers for choosing Clown Antics as your One Stop Clown Shop!

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