A New Home in Newburgh!

“The only thing that is CONSTANT in this world is CHANGE.” – Heraclitus

How wonderful such an ironic statement is, isn’t it? Change is always a part of our lives whoever we are, whatever we do. That’s why we, in Clown Antics, embrace change as much as we embrace our customers.

Now, it’s time for us to embrace the biggest change we have so far… a new WAREHOUSE!

A New Warehouse!

Yes, that’s right! We are now transferring to a new warehouse and it’s very exciting! From Warren, Michigan, we are now placing our main operations in Newburgh, New York!

We have decided to get our own place for us to be able to cater to our growing number of customers and selection of products. With already three websites under the Clown Antics family (FacePaint, HalloweenMakeup and ClownAntics), the management has no choice but to get a bigger place especially now that we recently acquired a new website, FlagsRUs!

A Message from the Manager

Of course, getting a new warehouse means getting someone to take care of the place. So, we hired Derek Penney as our Warehouse Manager and Michael Danniballe as our Warehouse Supervisor! We will be receiving updates from Michael from time to time as the new warehouse gets prepped. Here’s his message about the place the Clown Antics family will soon call HOME.

Hi, this is Michael coming to you from the new Clown Antics Family Warehouse and Distribution Center in Newburgh, New York. For the past couple weeks, we have been working hard to get our new warehouse and distribution operation off the ground. Blake, Derek and I have been tackling this project from ground up and putting together the pieces brick by brick to make this great space into a fully functioning warehouse and distribution center.


Two weeks ago we moved into our new space here in Newburgh and we have come a long way since we walked into what I would call a large, empty rectangle with few offices on the front.


Derek has been cutting through the red tape regarding our compliance with local authorities and regulations and we just got the green light to start building the skeleton of our operation. He has been feverishly ordering and coordinating delivery of racks, work stations, computers, trash cans, you name it!

I have been busy laying the groundwork for our internal systems and network by learning to make ethernet cable, wiring the offices and warehouse floor, setting up our hardware and connecting all of the neat accessories we will need to make this all work.


We hope to have this all up and running by the beginning of October and if things keep rolling the way they have been in the past couple weeks we should meet our goal! This is a very exciting time for all of us here at the Warehouse and the rest of the Clown Antics Family.

Thanks to YOU

This is a big step for us here in Clown Antics and this would have never have been possible without the support and love of our customers and followers – you. We feel that this big change will allow us to provide you with better service and more products in the future!




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