A Town called Menzel Harb


Menzel Harb is a very small town about a 15 minute ride from the town we live in. A friend of mine had opened a day care there at the beginning of the school year. She was shy about it, but she asked if I could clown in May ’13 for their end-of-year party. I knew she did not have money to spend on entertainment, so I told her I would do it for free.


The day of the event, we took public transportation to Menzel Harb; I would get into costume and makeup in a private room at the day care. My friend came in when Mimi was ready to come out. It almost brings tears to my eyes as I remember the tears in her eyes. When she saw Mimi for the first time, she was overwhelmed. I had to hold back tears after seeing her response. It was obvious that she felt loved.


This day care is two small rooms and a bathroom. It is located right next to a mosque.


There was obviously not enough room for a party so my friend had permission to have the party in the courtyard outside the mosque. That wasn’t unusual; when I went there occasionally, we played games in that fenced area.



There were quite a few women and children in attendance. There were also a few men standing around. I remember asking one serious-looking man if it was okay that we were there. He said no problem because we were outside, not actually inside the mosque.


All was going well until the first few raindrops started to fall! My friend and a few of the women started moving tables and chairs inside. Usually when I am in costume, I stay in character until the makeup comes off. (Just ask anyone who tries to have a serious conversation with me!) But this was serious! I went to the same man I had talked to before. I asked him if it was still okay to be there, inside the building. He said yes because that wasn’t the actual prayer room.



Almost the same situation had occurred previously at another day care center, except for the fact that they would not allow us to clown around in their courtyard and we had to have the party in the day care. I am continually amazed at the places I find myself!


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