Volunteers! With a Video!

Chahloula was at it again! This time at a private school that I visit regularly to play games and do crafts. (It isn't a real private school; it is a place for students to continue studying when they are not in school. In Tunisia, primary school students are in school half a day.) 

This was the first time they saw me as a clown. (Oh, that probably isn't true! It was just the first time they saw me in costume and makeup!)

As usual, they were very energetic. I didn't like the tables in between me and the audience, but I admit it was helpful, and the kids had no problems climbing over the obstacles to volunteer.

 We started by playing catch with the fish. They were eagerly waiting for it...And then someone caught it!

Credit for the pictures goes to my wonderful husband. He did a great job capturing the fun. Check out the next picture. I love those smiling and laughing faces!

Do you want to see what they were laughing at? Just one of their classmates!

Did I mention a video?? These pictures have all been from a recent event in May. The theme of this article is volunteers, so I found a short video from May 2013. It goes right along with the topic. 

Cool! I just embedded my first video! I have more videos to share in the future. This is one of my favorites. The kids are saying, "Ana! Ana! Ana!" which means, "Me! Me! Me!" (And I hear my daughter laughing as she is taking the video.)

There is never a shortage of volunteers throughout my shows. 

And the last picture for today, dancing the "Rum Sum Sum" with the students. 

One of these days I will share a video of the dances we do!

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Thank you, BethMac. Clowns have a precious gift to offer the world! And we are blessed by that gift also. I will share more videos in the future.


Those smiles on their faces say it all. Children are children with a love for fun all over the world, and the video was wonderful!


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