Adventures in Clowning: The Best and Worst of the Best Times by Leslie Ann Akin

Adventures in Clowning: The Best and Worst of the Best Times by Leslie Akin

Why are you a clown?

Do people outside your closest circle really understand what drives you to clowning? "Adventures in Clowning" by Leslie Ann Akin expresses the inexpressible, laughing all the while.

Adventures in Clowning brings stories from clowns around the world, bringing their comic cut-ups to hospitals and birthday parties, street parades and traffic stops. Dozens of clowns share their tales of laughter and tears, triumph and disaster, love and even a little sadness.

For a clown, it’s a reminder of why your work matters. For someone who’s not a clown, it’s a glimpse into a life of laughter and good-will and a ready response to the slander of the scary clown.

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"Adventures in Clowning" will give you insight to one of the most venerable performance arts around. An easy and fast read divided into one short story per chapter. Highly recommended for clowns and non-clowns alike!
      ------------ Ron J, Amazon Review


After a long and successful career in clowning, Leslie Ann Akin still has a love and passion for sharing her experiences and mentoring new clowns. She previously authored a book about the many facets of clowning and her experiences in A Fool’s Guide to Clowning. Leslie also hosts an active Facebook group of the same title.

 Leslie Ann Akin

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Love the name Ron (Smiley). I’m also known by Smiley but Smiley The happy & blessed Clown I love to smile and laugh and bring laughter to the kids with the word of God.


I have been proudly clowning as Smiley the Clown now for 11 years. I’ve loved every minute of it. It warms my heart every time I see a smile on a childs face after I give them a balloon sculpture or they laugh at one of my jokes. As long as My body will let me I will keep entertaining the children.

Ron Garner (Smiley)

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