An Ode to Holiday Performers

Father Christmas

Twas a month before Christmas and all through the land, clowns and face painters were making their plans. Magicians and jugglers were there just the same, all plotting and planning to stay on their game. The parties, the kid’s shows and festivals of light, the holiday parades that take place at night. Your cases are packed and ready to go as you look out the window it’s starting to snow. Run through your list once more in your head and get there on time just like you said. Snowflakes and reindeer are in high demand as balloon twisters twisting each item by hand. Tellers of stories will act out each tale, as children look on while the plot is unveiled. Face paint and glitter and gems will abound as laughter of children is heard all around. Magic confetti floats down through the air as children on edge jump up from their chair. Clapping and cheering to see such a sight as the juggler with ease keeps objects in flight. Plates whirling and spinning with the flick of the wrist, crowds can’t believe not one thing was missed. What wonder it is to see such a sight, the magician from nothing produces a light. The box that you hold is empty it seems but with one magic word long ribbons will stream. You’re stocked with balloons of red, green and white, and a voice from the crowd says “clown make me bike!” Paint me like Elsa, you hear all day long, the line is still there and your going strong. Tell them the story of Christmas Eve night and the one about Rudolph and his nose shiny bright. You look at your watch, “I must move along” but wait the kids shouted, “can you sing us a song?” More children, more lines, more twinkling lights, finally you say, “I’m done for the night!” You pack up your gear and collect the days pay, make haste to the door to be on your way. At home through the door you think with a sigh, those hours went by quick like the wink of an eye. With cases unpacked your day is done, although it’s exhausting, it still was quite fun. Sit down and relax to your favorite show and think to yourself just three weeks to go.

The Clown Antics family wants to thank all of our wonderful customers for shopping with us through the year and wish you the very best this holiday season. Keep your eyes out for specials and make sure to visit blog site to see the awesome face paint tutorials from Amy and Elizabeth.



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