An Ode to the Claus


Many family entertainers have made their transitions into the wonderful world of Santa and Mrs. Claus characters. A delightfully rewarding yet sometimes taxing season. We even are running the Santa and Mrs. Claus contest if you had not heard. Click the contest link here. I felt it only appropriate that we have a poem to honor these brave performers who venture into the land of the Claus.

An Ode to the Claus.

A few weeks before Christmas there was something so strange, clowns and face painters were starting to change. Not wearing the wigs of pink, green or red but hair white as snow now covered their head.

The clothes full of patches and pockets were gone, instead a red suit is what he put on. Not covered in glitter or sparkles or paint, the costume for her is something quite quaint.

From trunks and from closets the wardrobe appears, Oh no there’s that food stain I had gotten last year! Off to the cleaners and tailors we rush, if only our clients could see all the fuss.

A voice so sour from the bedroom was heard, his wife checking in simply uttered these words. “I heard a strange sound dear, what is the matter?” “My Santa suit shrunk, ’cause I’m not getting fatter!”

The wigs and the beards get styled up just right, after all they must last us beyond Christmas night. Santa’s  with real beards get a bleach and a trim, to fit in those pants means a trip to the gym.

See Mrs. Claus she’s looking so sweet, all dressed for the season from her head to her feet. The children adore her she’s feeling quite grand, until one of the kids wipes his nose on her hand.

They show up for parties, parades and tree lightnings, these bringers of cheer and glad Christmas tidings. Some of them shorter and pleasantly round, while one of them wears a wreath like a crown.

There in the mall by the Hot Pretzel Stand, a place that sat vacant is now Santa Land. The spot is all trimmed in holiday glitz, but the mechanical elf is still on the fritz. The photographers booth is ready to go, just waiting for you to put on a show.

Here come the Claus’ both Mister and Missus, to take on the hordes of the kids and their wishes. The lines may grow long and the tykes become weary, but the two of you know you must remain cheery.

Not all of them work in the store Santa Land, many on sidewalks with a bell in their hand. Some call the job thankless and even quite strange, but we know in our hearts all the lives we may change. In a world full of worry, sadness and strife, bringing  joy unto others is really the life.

To give unto others and spread love all around, the life of a Santa takes the heart of a clown.





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