Balloon Games on Video!

Sometimes, clowns just want to have fun. Okay, maybe clowns want to have fun all the time! That is why I am still toying with the idea of incorporating games into my shows. I want to have fun playing games!

I know that I have already shared a little about balloon games. I am sharing more today because I have videos. (Including videos is still new to me. You know how it is when you have a new toy. You play with it a lot, right? And then you get bored with it and move on to something else. Well, adding videos is my new toy; I'm sure to get bored with it someday. Probably.) 

The pictures and videos I am sharing are from days that I went to local private schools and day care centers to try out the balloon games.

At a day care center, blowing paper cups off the table didn't work so well. It was a little difficult for the younger children.

When I did this with primary school-age children, they had a blast! Watch this...

I look online to find ideas for balloon games, then I test them in my neighborhood at day care centers and private schools. It is usually a good idea to try things out before adding them to a show. 

I tested a game that is quite a bit more active than blowing cups off a table. It is a relay race which involves putting the inflated balloon between the legs and running. When I first read about it, the participants were walking with the balloon between their legs; it was hysterical for the spectators because it looked like everyone was doing the potty-walk (you know what I mean!) The students at the school were too smart and figured out they could move faster if they hop with the balloon in place.


It worked that way; everyone had fun. I like demonstrating the game with the original method of walking funny with the balloon between my knees, but I am not legalistic, so I allow the kids to do it any way they choose. To me, if they are laughing and having a good time, that is all that matters.

Ready for some action? Enjoy watching the students playing the game... 


Oh, and thank you for your prayers for clown opportunities! This past week, I learned about two places that I might be able to clown this summer. One of them is a nice tourist hotel along the Mediterranean coast, not far from my home. Lord willing, I will meet with the hotel manager soon and discuss planning an event, including these fun games! YAY!



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Luv the cup race I’m working o buying items step my clowning but always enjoy simple easy fun ideas

Debra Jackson

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