Balloon Light Saber

Jedi Clown Master

Jedi Clown Master


Young Jedi, you must use the force!

Unless you have been living in a swamp down in Dagobah, you have at least heard about the latest Star Wars movie. What a perfect time for our Jedi Clown Master to Return with a new balloon design.

The Balloon Light Saber.

This is a relativity simple balloon to make consisting of a fully inflated 260 for the saber and a second 260 to form the handle.


2=260 twisting balloons.

Black for the handle and one of any color

Balloon pump if you need.


Step 1. Inflate the color 260 fully, let out a little air to soften then tie.


Step 2. Inflate the black 260 about half way, release a little air to soften and tie.


Step 3. Make a 1/2″ bubble at the nozzle end.


Step 4. Pinch twist the bubble.


Step 5.  About 6 inches from the knot end of the colored balloon is where you will want to wrap the black balloon to form the handle.


Step 6. Where the black balloon meets itself at the bubble, pinch and twist the larger portion of the black balloon a couple of times then lock twisting at this segment.


Step 7. Make a bubble about 5 inches long on the black balloon.


Step 8. Repeat the 1/2″ pinch twist, loop the black balloon once again around the colored balloon and repeat locking method of step 5 and 6.

Your balloon should now look like this.


If necessary, slide the black balloon closer to the knot end of the colored balloon.


Step 9. To get rid of the left over bubble simple pinch balloon at the bubble and poke a small hole at the tail end of the balloon releasing the air.


Step 10. Tie this tail in a knot to keep air form escaping.


Step 10. Wrap the nozzle of the colored balloon around the pinch twist to secure the saber and make it flush with the black balloon handle.


Step 11.  Wrap the tail of the black balloon the same way to hide it.

Finished balloon should look like this.


You are now ready to for an epic balloon saber battle.

Stay tuned for the Return of the Star Wars themed Phantom Revenge Clown War Awakening  balloon designs.

…..yeah I think that about covers it.

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