Balloon Princess Wand Tutorial (Intermediate)

The balloon wand is one of the most versatile items to offer. It can be simplified for time constraints and can be made using any 5” round or heart balloon to fit any theme. You can use any 5” printed character balloon in place of the heart, or a snow princess heart stuffed into a clear balloon with printed snowflakes. I am using a pink 6” heart that will be “double stuffed” into a 5” clear round balloon with printed stars. I am using a neon pink and neon purple 260 balloon, one 6” pink heart and one 5” clear round printed stars balloon, and a 260 pump.

Balloon Princess Wand Tutorial

Step 1: Inflate two 260s ALL the way, then let out some air until soft and you see a little nib form at the end. Soft balloons are less likely to pop.

Step 2: Check that the two 260s are the same length. If they are not, stretch out the one that is shorter by gripping the balloon with one hand near the knotted end and sliding your grip up the balloon with the other hand. Recheck until they are even.

Step 3: Tie the two knots together securely.

Step 4: Align the balloons side by side and move down two hand lengths, then squeeze both balloons together with a two finger grip and twist three or four times.

Step 5: I like to place the knot end at my belly and pull the spot where the balloons intersect towards me and then twist the two loops in opposite directions three times using both hands at the same time. It’s the motion of wringing out a towel. You have now created two “flower petals” or “loop twists”. You can choose to make these one at a time but this is a shortcut.

Step 6: You are going to do the same thing again. Go down two hand lengths and twist 3 times.

Step 7: This time place the intersected section at your belly and pull the knotted section toward you.

Step 8: Twist the loops you are just about to make in opposite directions three twists. If your balloon is too inflated (tight) you may have to trouble with this step.

Step 9: If necessary, move the loops around each other so that the colors alternate. Align the two remaining lengths of balloon side by side.

Step 10: Place the “flower looking” end of the balloon at your belly and start to spiral the two ends of the balloon away from your belly. A good technique is to always holding both balloons tight together with your whole palms pressed up against the spiral. Don’t just use the tips of your fingers. Use your belly in the beginning and then your palms to keep the balloon from unraveling and get a tight twist.

Step 11: Your fingers twist while your palms keep in contact and hold the balloon.

Step 12: Make sure the balloons remain even length while you spiral. Stretch one if needed.

Step 13: Spiral until you are left with one inch at each end. Then squeeze the two balloons together at the one inch point.

Step 14: Twist the balloons into each other. Twist three times around.

Step 15: Make a small opening and pull one 1” segment through it to lock the balloon and keep it from untwisting.

Step 16: Put aside your spiraled balloon. Prepare to “double stuff” your heart balloon into your clear round balloon. You will need to create a pointed tip to insert by folding the top end of the heart balloon. Alternatively you could use the back end of a pen or pencil and stick it inside the heart balloon and then insert into the second balloon.

Step 17: Insert the heart into the clear balloon.

Step 18: Squeeze tight the very top section of the heart while stretching the nozzle of the clear balloon down to meet the nozzle of the heart balloon.

Step 19: Squeeze the two aligned nozzles together and then let go of where you are squeezing the top of the heart.  Keep holding the nozzles tight, then pinch and swipe up to guide the heart all the way into the body of the clear balloon

Step 20: Inflate both balloons until you see a heart forming but do not overinflate. Do not fill the heart to full capacity.

Step 21: Pull some slack in order to tie a knot in the heart balloon only. Make sure the knot stays outside of the clear balloon.

Step 22: Holding onto the knot, insert the balloon pump into the clear balloon and inflate slightly more than you inflated the heart. Keep in mind that balloons have a stretching limit so don’t go crazy.

Step 23: You can tie the knot of the clear balloon or skip that step. If you skip it you will save time and have more slack to tie the balloon into the loops of the wand. Stretch the knot down under the loops.

Step 24: Push the knot forward into the center of the 4 loops.

Step 25: Wrap the slack around by holding the knot and spinning the balloon 2 times. Alternatively, you can also wrap the knot around a loop to secure it.

Step 26: Marvel at your magical creation!

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