Balloon Sword-Video Tutorial

When in comes to balloon twisting, balloon swords are the best of both worlds; it’s a balloon sculpture that you can play with. If you are making balloons at a gig and one person gets a sword, pretty soon everyone has to have a sword too. It’s like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, even the girls want in on the action!


Pirate with Saber.

Balloon swords are relativity easy to learn and require just one 260 twisting balloon. Two basic styles are the saber and what I refer to as a dueling sword, which has a section above the hand kind of like a guard. Typically I don’t find that parents are apposed to the sword fighting but it’s a good idea to check before making them. Some folks my have an aversion to any “weapon” looking balloons or they may just not want the wildness in their home.

Dueling Sword

Dueling Sword

So we bring to you the next installment of the clown channel, the balloon sword tutorial. Check out the video at the top of the page to learn the saber and the dueling sword twists.

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