Barf-Day on a Pirate Ship


You know those stories that are not funny at all at the time, but later they are hilarious? This is one of those stories!

A Tunisian friend called in June 2012 and asked if I could clown at an end-of-the-year party at her day care center. I was willing, especially since it had been a while since I had gotten into costume. After making the commitment, I found out that the party would be held on a boat; one of those ‘pirate ships’ for tourists. We would be going for a little ride and then returning to the port. Unfortunately, I have a problem with motion sickness!

Randa, the owner of the day care center, wanted us (me and my daughter, Elizabeth) to eat lunch with her before we went to the party. I kept asking when and where I would get into costume. She said I could get ready on the boat. Yeah, right! Easy for her to say!


When we finally got to the pirate ship, they led me to a closet (where it was at least 100 degrees F) and told me I could get ready in there. Nope, that wasn’t going to happen! Plan B: they led me below deck where I had privacy and more room, and where I could feel the rocking of the ship much better! I am probably not the first clown to put makeup on while being tossed around on a boat. I joked with my daughter that it couldn’t get much worse. I had taken Dramamine and asked the Lord to help me as I went up on the deck to  play with the children.




It was too hot in the sun so we went in a covered area with tables. Right next to where I was standing, a woman was horribly ill; frequently sticking her head out the window to throw-up. That did it!



But I am a professional! I said I needed a break. I went to the side of the boat and puked! After drinking some water, I asked my daughter how I looked, she said fine, so I went right back to entertaining!


At the end of the day, I was grateful that I didn’t throw up on anyone, and I thanked God for His amazing grace!




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Great story!

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