Basic Application and Removal of a Bald Cap

Always start with a professional latex or plastic bald cap appliance to ensure the best results. We used the Mehron Bald Cap in this demonstration.

Bald Cap Application

Supplies needed:
Bald cap * Spirit Gum Adhesive * Liquid Latex Adhesive (optional) * Astringent * Scissors * Felt tip pen

You may also need Grease Makeup in the desired color(s), or try purchasing a Bald Cap Kit or Blue Man Group Kit.

Step 2: Lay hair flat with water or hair gel if needed

Step 1:  Cleanse the face and hairline with an astringent such as rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Do so by using a cotton ball wiping way the facial oils.

Step 2:  Hair needs to lay flat for a proper application, dampen the hair with water and comb it back flat. Hair spray or hair gel may be needed to keep the hair in place. For persons with long hair, pull the hair back into a ponytail after the wetting process. The ponytail will hang out of the back of the bald cap to be concealed by clothing.

Step 3: Place bald cap on the head

Step 3:  Place the bald cap over the subject’s head, pulling it back so that the cap is just below front hairline and center it evenly over ears. Carefully release any air trapped under the cap by lifting one edge, allowing air to escape and smoothing wrinkles. Use caution to stretch the cap.

Step 4: Mark where to cut the ear opening


Step 4:  Marking the ear opening. Find the center of the ear and make a small circle just above the ear canal using a felt tip pen or make up pencil, continue a short line downward from this point. Make sure the cap does not shift during this step.

Note: If you are doing Blue Man Group makeup, steps 4 & 5.

Step 5: Cut the cap open over the ear

Step 5:  Use caution when cutting latex as it can tear quickly and ruin the cap. Carefully lift the cap away from the ear and begin cutting from the bottom edge up to the small circle you drew. At this point cut a very small circle, this prevents the cap from tearing.  Fit the cap down over the ear, additional trimming may be needed to get a close fit.
Step 6: Roll cap up and apply liquid latex Step 6:  Roll the cap up about a ½ inch and apply Spirit Gum Adhesive to the under edge of cap and to the skin in the forehead area. Allow the adhesive to become tacky (check directions on the container of adhesive for set time) roll the cap back down over skin and smooth edges. Continue this process down the face line around ear and back of neck. Leave a small opening at the back of the neck to allow perspiration to escape. Also this would be used to allow the ponytail to hang down if needed.

If desired, apply Liquid Latex along the top edge of the bald cap to smooth the transition to skin.
Step 7: Ready for makeup Step 7:  You have now successfully applied your bald cap. From this point you are ready to complete the look with Latex Mask make up. You may be going for a natural bald look or doing a Blue Man make up. Whatever the option, make sure to use quality supplies to guarantee the best results.


Notes on Makeup: Apply a light coat of Castor Seal to the bald cap before applying the makeup. The makeup included in our Bald Cap and Blue Man Group makeup kits is Rubber Mask Grease, which includes the Castor Seal.

Bald Cap Removal

Supplies needed:
Spirit Gum Remover * Cotton balls * Cotton Swabs

Removing the bald cap is much easier than the application.

Step 1: Use a cotton swab to lossen adhesive Step 1:  Dip a cotton swab into the adhesive remover and start working it gently under the edge of the bald cap. Once you have the edge lifted, continue dipping the swab in adhesive remover and working the cap loose.
Step 2: Clean residue off skin with adesive remover Step 2:  Once the cap is completely off, saturate a cotton ball with the remover and cleanse the skin of any adhesive residue.
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