Be Grateful For Your Alley


No, I am not just listing things that begin with the letter 'F'. These are some of the things that I miss while living in Tunisia. This past year, I miss something that I never even had: a clown alley.

I never lived in an area that had a clown alley, and I really don't think there are any here in North Africa. (If I am wrong, please let me know!) 

I am blessed to have a husband who is willing to accompany me on this clown journey, but normal humans don't have clown brains. I think clowns see things differently. It would be wonderful to be in a room filled with clowns when creating a new character. They could give advice about makeup, specifically what looks good, and what looks bad...                        


Other clowns have an eye (or two) for costumes and can offer wise counsel concerning what works and what doesn't.

I have been performing a new routine and would love to brainstorm with other clowns to improve the skit. Hector is free to offer opinions and suggestions, and I use a lot of them, but the mind of a clown works in mysterious ways! They see things. They catch things. They have experienced things. They have ideas for props that never even crossed your mind.

Clown camps are also a great way to spend time with other clowns, both giving and receiving ideas. (Oh, but I have never been to a clown camp either. Add that to the list of things I miss.)

Looking at the pros and cons of being part of a clown alley, there seem to be a whole lot of pros. Maybe, if I was new and insecure about clowning, I would avoid alleys. I wouldn't feel like I fit in, and everyone else was better than me. WOW! What great reasons to join an alley! Or start one!

Well, I will continue this journey being led by the Holy Spirit. He started me on this path so I can trust Him to keep up the good work. 

God bless your clown alley!





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Great message. Tanx.

Mike Rogers

I am a member of the COAI virtual alley #1000 – Giggle-Byte. It is a great alley for only $15 a year! Come join us!


Hi Clyde, That sounds great! I had no idea! I will look into COAI. Thank you very much for the information!

LeeAnn Martin

Clowns of America International is a world wide organization for Clowns that can solve your alley problem. We have on-line alleys just for people like you to get all the fun, interaction and advantage of being in an alley, right from your home on your computer. Each month we have a different lecturer, and if they have clown goods to share you can purchase them right on line after the class. plus you have the advantage of having Alley members from anywhere in the world. You do have to be a Member of COAI and that is as simple as going to to sign up on line and then join our on line alley the Giggle-Bytes Clown Alley. and you too can have a bunch of new friends and family all over the world.

Clyde D Scope

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