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Hey kiddies, Valentines Day is just around the corner and Cupid has a quiver full of arrows ready for all the sweethearts out there. Clown Antics, your one stop clown shop, has a warehouse full of clowning supplies and we have you covered head to toe in Valentines supplies!


You can see as plain as the nose on our face that we are totally serious about heart felt clown supplies. Weather you are a clown, face painter or just love the holiday, you can show folks some Valentines fun with one of our heart shaped nose tips or warm someone’s heart with the water bottle prop.


Speaking of face painting, are you stocked up on your pink and red face paints? If you have any holiday parties lined up you don’t want to run out of these two colors. We also have some great stencils to make quick work of any heart designs you may have in mind. Don’t forget to check out the awesome Valentine face paint tutorials by Amy and Julia right here on our blog page.



Looking for a great hand out? We have an assortment of Smiley Heart stickersregular and glitter colors or in case of emergency, Smiley Heart Band Aide stickers too! The Heart shaped balloons make great give away items as well or perhaps add a heart into one of your balloon sculptures.




There is plenty of swag like IYQ2 badges and other fun clown pins to spiff up your already unparalleled awesomeness. Clown socks with hearts would be a perfect way to wrap up your Valentines ensemble. To help out with the Valentines shopping, use coupon code valentine5 when you check out for your 5 % discount.


Don’t forget something for your sweetie or you may end up in the balloon doghouse!


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