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You may recognize our friend Tippy as he is seen often on our website.  Our pal Dan has agreed to give us an up close and personal look at his makeup application techniques and the products and tools that he uses to make Tippy come alive. So let’s not dilly-dally and get right into the White Face makeup application.

*Notice even though he has a fresh shave, Dan keeps his mustache but it is well trimmed. We will learn how to apply makeup to facial hair in this tutorial.




Mehron Clown White and red cream stick.

Setting powder.

Kryolan pressed powder red.

Black eyeliner

Clown Nose

Adhesive and remover


Powder Puff

Soft Brush

Small detail brush


Step 1. A quick coat of baby oil is applied and then blotted with a towel, Dan feels this helps the makeup adhere and makes clean up easier.

Step 2. An old clown hood keeps the hair back. Apply clown white; Dan uses his fingers but an applicator sponge may also be used.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Note: The end of his nose is left free of makeup to allow the adhesive to bond and the lip area is also clear for the red makeup.


Step 3. Work the makeup into the eyebrows and mustache so they blend into the rest of the white face.

IMG_0008 IMG_0010


Step 4. Pat the makeup into the skin with your fingers; this gives us a smooth finish.


Note: Weird faces are not necessary but highly encouraged for the entertainment of any on lookers. 

Step 5. Powder the face to set makeup; Dan uses a powder puff and gently pats on the powder.


Step 6. Use a soft brush to remove extra powder.

Step 5.

Step 5.

Step 7. Drawing the eyes and mouth outline, Dan uses an old circus method of a China marker or grease pencil. Most folks today will use an eyeliner or cream pencil.

IMG_0027 IMG_0028

China Marker: IMG_0020

Step 8. Next is the red cream makeup for the mouth. First is a large streak of makeup applied directly to the lip, then a small brush loaded with makeup to finish the job. Use your finger to pat this makeup.

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

Step 9. A separate powder puff is used on the lip, after a light coat of powder Dan presses the powder into the lip; this is to assure there will be no smudging.


Step 9.


Step 10. Brush away extra powder from lip, this is a different brush than used on the face.

Step 10.

Step 10.

Step 11. Use the liner pencil to touch up the black if needed.


Step 11.


Step 12. To achieve the rosy cheeks, we employ the dry rouge method. Using a pressed powder and makeup wedge, gather makeup on to applicator without wetting, smile so you get the “apples” of the cheeks and apply red.

IMG_0038 IMG_0039

Note: Dan puts on his hood before finishing his makeup; this is left to your discretion.


Step 13. Prep your nose by cleaning off makeup and powder with alcohol wipe, this will insure better adhesion.


step 13.

Step 14. Apply a layer of adhesive to inside edge of clown nose.


step 14.

Step 15. Press the clown nose to your nose for a moment and remove to transfer a line of adhesive, apply adhesive to your nose below this line.

IMG_0045 IMG_0047

*We need to allow the adhesive to become tacky before permanently setting the nose, so we move on with the rest of the steps.

Step 16. Dan puts on his dickey and wig.

IMG_0048 IMG_0049

Step 17. With the wig in place as a point of reference, Dan will draw the eyebrows using the China marker.

Step 17.

Step 17.

Step 18. With the adhesive tacky, we press the nose firmly in place and hold for a few seconds. Your nose will now be secure until you remove it later.

Step 18.

Step 18.

Step 19. Last but not least is the small derby hat and Tippy is ready for the show.

step 19.

step 19.

To ensure a professional look always use quality products; Dan has been performing as professional clown for over 25 years and has honed his craft and makeup techniques over the years. The basic steps above will give you a professional look but you may find slightly different methods work better for you.

Happy Clowning!

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