Bible School Routine: Ask for God's Help

Item G1462 - Cut and Restored RopeThis routine will use the basic Cut and Restored Rope Routine, which can be purchased right here at Clown Antics.

Ask your audience for a helper, and choose one who is old enough to use scissors. This helper gets to play the devil in our skit.

Display a piece of rope about 24” in length, and point out that the rope has two ends and a middle.Tell your audience, “We are going to demonstrate how this is the line of communication we have with God... At one end we have God up in heaven, at the other is us here below on earth. The middle is our line of communication with Him, which we call prayer.

Cut the rope in two.“Now as long as this is open we can talk to God and have His help any time we need, which is really great, however the devil (introduce your helper with the scissors) wants to disrupt things and cut off our communication with God.” Here, ask helper to the cut the rope at the middle, and as they start to cut, walk away form the scissors. “For a while we are able to avoid the devil and his sneaky business, but unfortunately he will catch up to us eventually and succeed.” Using the secret moves in your instructions, allow the helper to cut the rope in two.

Knot Tied in RopeShow the audience how the devil has broken the line of communication with God and we now have two separate pieces of rope. “But I can fix it!” you exclaim. “I will make it good as new.” Use the next secret move and tie a knot in the rope and display to the audience. The kids will shout that you have only tied a knot, and it’s not fixed. “Well, I guess I didn’t do such a good job by myself; does any one have an idea what to do?” Hopefully someone suggests asking God’s help, if not, suggest it yourself. “That’s right, with God’s help we can put things back to normal.”

Remove the KnotDisplay the RopeUse one of two methods to remove the knot. 1st is to magically slide the knot off and toss it away revealing the restored rope. The second is to wind the rope around one hand, allowing the knot to slip off into the other hand. With the hand holding the knot, reach into your case for a magic wand; ditch the knot while bringing out the wand. Wave the wand over the wound rope and unwind it showing the knot gone. Finally tell your audience that no matter what the trouble God is always listening and waiting for us to ask for His help.


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