Bible School Routine: Don't Hide Your Talents


We hear more than once in the Bible about Jesus telling stories of people wasting their talents. One story is of hiding your light under a bushel basket. This routine will use this basis for its story line or patter.

Ask your audience “How many of you have a special talent, like playing an instrument or are good at sports?” and wait for response. Then ask, “Did you know that sharing God’s word is a talent also? God tells us in the Bible that we should not hide or waste our talent but instead let our light shine so that everyone can see it. Your talent could be that you can build or fix things, maybe you can sing or perhaps your talent is simply giving of yourself – using your extra time or money to help someone. Whatever yours is, God asks that we share those talents or gifts with others.”


Tie the two same-colored silks togetherThen bring out 3 silks, two that match and one that is different color or pattern. Also have something to vanish one of the silks handy, like a Change Bag.

“Let’s pretend that this different colored handkerchief is your talent and we are going to take that and hide it away in this bag.” Vanish the odd colored silk in the Change Bag.

Pick up the matching silks and tie the ends together as you say “Meanwhile we just sit around, twiddling our thumbs wasting a perfectly good talent.”
Have a volunteer hold the tied silks, making sure they keep the knot in their closed hand.

“Now suppose God sees us hiding away our talents that he has given us and decides to take them away.” Open box to show the silk has vanished. “Now when we decide we are ready to use that special gift, we find it’s gone. Like the saying goes, use it or lose it.

“I for one am happy that God gives me special talents, being here to talk to all of you today and show my talent of magic is really great. So maybe if we are glad about our talent and promise not to waste them, God will give them back. “Shall we see if we can bring that handkerchief back?” look in the Change Bag, but show it still empty.
Have a volunteer hold the knot loosely
Reveal the differently colored silk between the knotted silks“I guess we shouldn’t expect God to put it back in the box, but I think He will give it right back to us.” Have your volunteer with silks stand up, grab the two loose ends and pull, revealing the missing silk now tied in-between the two matching silks.

“So let’s promise to always use the gifts and talents God gives us to the best of our ability and never waste them.”  The End

Tips: Remember, this story is what I use in my routine, feel free to use it as a guideline but make your patter your own – it will make the routine flow more smoothly and be more memorable for you. 

When pulling the two silks apart in the spectator’s hand, make sure they loosen their grip on the silks; or they can get a burn from the friction if they grip it too tight. Been there, done that. Ouch.

How it works:
The Twentieth Century Silks is the trick used, along with any vanishing item such as a Change Bag or a silk caddy (vanishing box). Follow the instructions that come with the Silk routine and your vanishing apparatus to perform the magical effect. See the photos for the basic set up and handling.

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