Blowing off the dust

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Spring is the time many people get busy and do some spring cleaning around the house, dust out the cobwebs and get rid of clutter and open up the windows for some fresh air. We clowns could do the same thing with our gear, winter can be the slow season for many and we want to make sure everything is ready to go for all the summer activities. Back around Easter I was working a bunny balloon for you folks and my brown balloons kept popping. Well then I realized just how long that bag of balloons had been around, fortunately that didn’t happen at a balloon gig. To help you prepare for the busy season, here are a few thoughts.

Check the balloons freshness: Your balloons benefit from being stored in a cool dry place, but even stored properly there is a lifespan to them. Inflate a couple of balloons form each color and give them a twist to ensure they are still good. This will also help you determine if you need to restock any of you balloon supplies. Also if you use any type of pump, make sure they are in good working order for the long season ahead.

Wardrobe: Make sure that your costume and accessories are in good repair and all your accessories like gloves, bibs, cuffs are all accounted for, you don’t want to search for them while getting ready for a show. Look to see if any mending is needed to the costume, don’t forget about the shoes. An early start will give you ample time to make repairs or purchase new items.

Fresh Makeup: We have said this many times before, check through the makeup kit, clean it out and get ready to go. Old makeup is not going to go on well and will leave you with a less than desirable look. Your nose may be looking a little worn, perhaps order a second nose now before this one falls apart. Also test out the adhesive, if anything is going to dry up while not being used it would be your nose glue. Check the inventory of all your colors, order makeup early and you can look for good deals. This rule applies for face paint as well.

Props, gags and magic: Props and gags can can wear out after numerous  shows, giving things a good once over is not a bad idea, after all you wouldn’t want to have your squirting flower to spring an unexpected leak. Make sure the magic tricks are functioning properly too, mishaps during a show are no fun and can make you seem less than professional.

We hope these tips are useful and here’s to a great season of clowning.

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