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Did those come with batteries? If you have ever seen someone wearing bright neon colors on their clothes you probably heard someone joke about them needing batteries, well how about face paints that get that reaction. Neon paints are super bright in the daylight, now add in a black light and the paintings take on a whole new look. If you have never tried neon paints you are in for a treat, they can kind of get addicting.

Krvaline Neon and Metallic set

Krvaline Neon and Metallic set

In our line up of face paint brands like GlobalTAG and Kryvaline, to name a few, you will find they carry neon face paints. Curious if you’re favorite brand has neon, we should have you covered.

Neon butterfly

You can create all sorts of fantasy designs or just do a regular paint like a butterfly and the results are astounding, check out the butterfly design above. Neon paint could even be a fun accent to your clown makeup, it wouldn’t have to be over powering, just a little hi lite to make you stand out.

Neon sample


Halloween is a perfect chance to try these paints out under black light; this spooky pumpkin is simply done with orange neon and black from Diamond FX.


Have fun and try some neon colors today and add a new lineup to your already fabulous face paint designs!


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