Caring for Your Clown Wig

How to Care for Your Wig

Looking your best as a clown is a must; but it shouldn't end with the costume and make up. Your clown wig is also in need of proper attention to detail. No matter if it is a less expensive wig in the $30.00 range or into the hundreds of dollars for a custom model, always care and store your wig properly.
  1. Number one on the list is to make sure the wig is cut and styled for your look and character. Hand wash your wig with a gentle shampoo; many wig manufacturers suggested baby shampoo. Gently dry the wig, place it on a foam wig form to finish drying and for styling.
  2. Now that your wig is clean, dry and styled, store it safely on the wig form and it will be ready to go for the next show.

If you are working a regularly and your wig goes through a great deal of wear and washing, make sure you replace it before it gets too shabby. Again, your wig is also an important part of your professional look.


  • Proper care will help your wig last a long time.
  • No matter how tempting, never wash your wig by machine, that is a true recipe for disaster.
  • You may use stain remover on the cloth cap portion of a bald head wig, still washing by hand after.
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