Celebrating National Clown Week

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Well summer is moving right along, I’m sure many of you are busy working festivals, picnics and gatherings of of all sorts. August is fast approaching and you know what that means, National Clown week will be here soon! For those of you who don’t know, on August 2nd, 1971 President Nixon signed a declaration making the first week of August National Clown week.

Clown bowling night.

Clown bowling night.

 Clowning in your Community: Many Clown alleys take this opportunity to help their local community by offering up clown services to local businesses, charities and those in need of a smile. Visiting nursing homes is always a rewarding experience; just spending a little time visiting with residence can do wonders for the soul. Offering up a show at your local library or civic center is a great way to spread joy while showcasing talents like juggling, magic and clown skits.  We’ve talked about keeping the Art of Clowning alive and this is also a perfect time for recruiting new clowns. When clowns band together and share their talents we can put out good PR for the clown community and help dispel all the negative things we have seen of late in the press i.e. burglars dressed as clowns and people wearing creepy clown masks scaring people in public venues.

50' Banana Split

50′ Banana Split

The Clown Alley in Redford Mi. “Clowns Around Redford” has their Clown Week schedule full of fun, frolic and compassionate clowning. This group is never at a loss for things to do as they have many requests for appearances including a couple of long standing engagements. While planning the public appearances for clown week, this clown alley always sets one day aside for a Barbecue; this allows time for a little visit with friends and family, which is also important. Many of the functions during National Clown Week are centered around a fund raising campaign of r a local charity such as food back to feed those in need or a national charity such as the Caner Foundation. 

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You still have time to get the word out about celebrating National Clown Week and schedule some appearances at locations around your community. Many businesses like to have the extra activity as it can draw customers to their shops, and would be thrilled with a visit form the clowns.

Hope you have a great time while celebrating this whole week dedicated to clowns.


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