Chahloula’s Debut

I got serious about my lite-auguste character because I offered to clown at a New Year’s  party at one of the day care centers I visit. I was very motivated to get Chahloula ready!


The costume and show are still works-in-progress, but the party went well. It was challenging because, in the past, it wasn’t obvious that it was me underneath Mimi’s wig and makeup. Chahloula has considerably less makeup so it is easy to see the person underneath. These kids know me and love me without all the makeup; would they love a clown character, also?


Seriously, why do I worry about things like that?! Even I already love this new clown!


It amazes me how different she is from Mimi! I still do some of the same gags and bits in the show, but the routines are different. No way was I going to put away my clown-sized comb and scissors with Mimi’s wig!


All of the children want a turn in the chair. (I will share more about my hairdresser routine another time.)


I also continue to use the ‘mirror’. I added more fun movements and props, like some shiny blue pom-poms.


I also added some easy magic tricks, and will add a few more after I have practiced them a little longer. I gave myself devil sticks for Christmas and am trying to get better with those before using them in the show. (I don’t want to hurt anyone!)


Another thing I am learning (again) is doing the right show for the right (age) audience. These little kids want to play and participate rather than watch skits. We did dance to songs; the chicken dance, the Rum Sum Sum, and the Macarena. I will add songs to my repertoire, choosing songs the kids already know, and some balloon games.


Overall, I think Chahloula’s debut went well. She was well-received and everyone had a good time. I am excited about starting a new year with a new clown. Chahloula likes to try everything, so who knows what she will do this year!



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