Change Bag with Blendo Silk Routine Video Tutorial

Well what can we say about the change bag that hasn’t already been said? We have covered the fact that they are a very versatile prop for producing, vanishing and changing items. You can also use one to swap out a gimmick prop for a duplicate that can be handed out for the spectators to examine.  With all of these great attributes, the change bag is obviously good for building a magic routine around. So check this out!


The Blendo Silk Routine. 

The magician displays the change bag and immediately produces from it 4 silks of different colors. The bag is now turned inside out to show it empty. The 4 silks are returned to the bag and with a magical gesture the 4 silks are now pulled from the bag joined as one giant silk! Finally the bag is shown empty once again.

Click on the video link above to see a performance of this routine.

The Bledno Silk trick is a very visual piece of magic and with the 18″ size silks it plays nicely even on a large stage. The Mini Blendo set is great for walk around magic and can be done close up for all to see. Using the Mini Tote change bag is perfect for the smaller set and fits easily into your pocket.


We have shown you the basic workings for the change bag and now you even have a first routine, so don’t sit there watching all the other clowns and magicians having all the fun, get your change bag today. This is really great magic that is easy to do.


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