Character Clown Winners

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We have a winner!

Well actually two winners, the voters and the judges pick. So without further delay let’s meet our winning contestants.

Voters choice: 

Richard Gaines is from Michigan and is part of the famous Shrine Clowns. Ricahrd was kind enough to share his story.

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My character was inspired and developed by an unusual circumstance.  I am a Shriner from Detroit that was a member of the Keystone Kops parade unit.  Keystone Kops consist of Constables and Prisoners.  Prisoners are typically the new recruits in the unit.

The Potentate of our Temple had invited me and my Wife out to an Imperial Session in 2013 in Indianapolis to dress in Clown to break a Guinness Book record for the most Clowns in a parade.  I simply took my prisoner outfit and modified myself to Clown.  Since there was an abundance of “Cop” clowns available, the parade crowd really enjoyed the Cop vs. Prisoner aspect as we played it off.  From there, I resigned from the Keystone Kops and became a Shrine Clown!

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The photo you saw in the contest was taken in the fall of last year at the Great Lakes Shriners Association fall convention, coincidentally in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was in competition with several other Character Clowns.

Thank you again for the contest offer.  I will be utilizing the prize to tourist my Wife in Clown!

Warmest regards,

Richard “Shifty” Gaines

If not familiar, the Shriners not only have these amazing clowns but service their community in many charitable ways including the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Thank you again Rick for all that you do to make the world a happier place and congratulations on capturing the hearts of the people.


Judges choice:

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Hi!!! I have been a clown for just over 6 years, followed my wife’s lead…. I love to dress in character because you can be different all the time. Matador “Mickalito” was born only this past year for competition in Midwest clown convention. I also entered paradability in this character winning first place in both.

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My real name is Michael Spudic, ( Mickey) my normal clown name is Mickey also. My inspiration came from my sister, most of my costumes are white face and fancy so this seemed like a good choice, I make all my costumes myself. ” Mickalito” was born the night before competition!!

Way to go on your Midwest Clown victory Mickey and creating the character the night before, you rock! We thought your Matador clown was very original and well displayed in the photos. Thank you for all the joy you help spread through the art of clowning.

Thank you once again for all of the great clowns who entered our contest and a big hooray for Richard and Mickey. Keep your eyes open for the next contest to be posted soon, or check the contest page on our website.

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