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What an awesome way to spread the gospel message by learning some Christian magic.  There are many great books, videos and props all centered on Christian or Gospel magic, but before we learn a routine, let’s discuss your approach to the world of magic and ministry. Unfortunately many people focus on preaching at the audience and make the magic an after thought. Instead, we want to share the message using our magical prop to help convey that message, while making the whole routine entertaining. After all, we are performers and our audience comes to us to be entertained. Any time you perform, you want to have a story line or patter with your trick, this is the entertaining part, just going through the motions of your prop is not entertainment.

Let’s learn some magic! We will use one of my favorite pieces of magic, the coloring book, and in this instance the Bible version.

Routine: Display your Bible coloring book and ask the audience if they know this book (hopefully they answer yes). Explain that many people are not familiar with the Bible or what is inside, (flip through the pages revealing them blank) this why it’s important to share what we know with others.

Ask the audience to give you a story or two from the Bible (start flipping pages again, you revealing black and white outlined pictures.) Tell your audience that some people do know some of the things in the Bible, but they still don’t really apply that to their life; ask for ways to show that you know what the Bible says (ex: be kind to others, don’t steal etc.).

Now for the real cool part; reveal a rainbow streamer and remind your audience of how God has used the rainbow to show his glory. Tuck the streamer into the closed coloring book, and once it’s inside reveal that with the help of God we will live what the Bible says and make it come to life (reveal the pages are now colored).

How it works: Please refer to the article on kids show magic coloring book routine for the demo on the coloring book.

The color streamer is done with a thumb tip. Simply close the book around your thumb tip, keeping it close to the top, open end up.

Hold the thumb tip through the book and push the streamer into the tip. Stealing the tip, simply place your thumb into the thumb tip as if to grip the book, now when you pull your thumb out the streamer is gone. Grip the binder part of the book with the hand wearing the tip; this will conceal the thumb tip, now flip through the book to show the colors.

Supplies needed for this routine:

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