Christmas Balloon Creations - Balloon Holiday Wreath

This is a wonderful balloon that is not only fun to make but the audience is captivated as you make it. The wreath does require a braid twist but don’t worry - it’s not as hard as it sounds!

You will need three 260 Balloons for the wreath and one more 260 for the bow. I like to use two different shades of green and a white for the wreath, and red for the bow.

Step 1. Start by inflating all three of the 260’s you are using for the wreath, leaving just a small tail and tie.
Step 2. Twist a 1” bubble at the nozzle end of each balloon.
Step 3. Lock- twist all three bubbles.
Step 4. Arrange the balloons side by side; I have the white in the middle and green on either side.

Step 5. Begin to braid the balloons.

a. I start with the right balloon over top of the center.

b. Now the left balloon over top of the right balloon.

c. The center balloon overtop of left balloon.

d. Repeat this pattern keeping your braid tight.

e. When you reach the end of the balloons simply lock –twist the ends.
*Don’t worry if the ends aren’t exactly perfect, but they should be close in size.

Step 6. Each end of the braid now will have 3 bubbles, lock twist the two ends together.
Step 7. Shape the braid into a circle simply by pushing the sides of the circle to round the whole sculpture.
Step 8. To makee the bow, inflate the red balloon just like the other three balloons, with a very small tail and tie.

Step 9. Fold the balloon so that the two ends meet and grip the balloon at the halfway point.
Step 10. Pinch the balloon at this point and twist. You will have a circle on top and two legs hanging down.
Step 11. Find the top center of the circle push down toward the center with the finger of one hand while the thumb of the other hand pushes up from the bottom.
Step 12. Now grip the balloon between the thumb and index finger of one hand.
Step 13. With your other hand, take one side of the balloon (loop and leg) and lock twist.
Step 14. Take your bow and lock twist it into one of the larger bubbles on your wreath and your wreath is complete!

Note - use other colors to represent any holiday you like! For example, Orange, black & white for Halloween; red, white & blue for July 4th, pastels for a spring-time wreath, whatever you like!
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