Christmas Clowning Character Ideas

’Tis the season clowns! The Christmas magic is in the air and the songs are stuck in our heads...or at least in my head. I thought it’d be a fun idea to share some ideas with you all if you decide that you wanted to try out a “character clown” (the third archetype of clowning) for this season. Here are some ideas that you can brainstorm off of:

1. Santa! That’s right, even Santa can be a clown. In fact, I truly believe that Santa already is a type of clown. Think about it; he has a big heart, loves kids of all ages, makes people happy, loves to laugh, and even has a red nose like a cherry! Santa doesn’t need clown makeup to be a clown, he already is one within his heart. (This also goes for Mrs. Claus)

2. Santa’s elves! Think about it...this is the perfect type of Christmas Character to be for the auguste clowns. They’re silly, always up to mischief and are all around really fun to be with. This character I definitely recommend doing a lite auguste clown face design. Small white mouth, or perhaps just whiten the bottom lip. Rosy cheeks, and add some silver glitter on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Of course there’s the nose. I’d recommend a flesh tone, slightly pointed nose with a red blush at the end. The costume can be the basic elf costume or perhaps something you can create!

3. You can be a reindeer! “Wait, what?” You say. Yup, you can totally be a reindeer. I’d suggest being Rudolph since he’s very popular. Think about it; you can very easily get kids to play as reindeers along with you. They’d love to be a reindeer playing reindeer games (whatever you make that mean). Be sure to where more earthly colors, like browns and dark greens. Maybe put a bit of hobo clown makeup on or perhaps if you’re a high energy reindeer you can have more of an auguste makeup design.

4. Of course there are many other minor characters you can play as well. Such as being the Grinch or Scrooge as a hobo clown. Or my favorite as you can see by my photo on this blog, I play as Jack Frost! A whimsical character that’s very human-like, yet very much an auguste type. Plus, I love being able to play with “snow” and bring my “snow” machine (bubble snow) everywhere I perform.

Get creative this season! Make yourself stand out and perhaps this’ll get you more gigs for the holiday season. It’s really fun being able to test new things for your clown persona, and dressing up your clown in Christmas attire is one way to do just that. Happy holidays and merry Christmas everyone!


Santa beard

Elf Silver Glitter

Elf Nose

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