Clown camaraderie.

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A meeting of the minds.

Do you have a group of friends you gather with to chat about life, current events and just maybe share a laugh? I’m sure you do, this is only a natural part of how we humans operate. We can help each other through difficult times, share happy moments and lend helpful advise when needed. As a clown it is good to have a few clown friends to be able to share this same sort of relationship.

Clown club gatherings are a good place to talk about clown events and maybe learn a new routine or balloon twist but having the chance to just relax and visit with other clown friends is important as well. A club meeting doesn’t always allow for a great deal of discussion about a topic if there is a big group. Smaller groups allow for more individual questions and ideas to be shared.

A couple of my clown buddies and I like to set a night aside here and there to go grab a burger and visit. Often times the goal is nothing more than just a visit among friends enjoying a good meal, but the topic of clowning is usually on the table at some point. Example, after Clown Week was over we gathered at a favorite spot and went over some of the points of the recent event. Meeting soon after an event can be helpful to share thoughts of how to improve things for the future or reflect on the high points of the show and how we can maintain that success. The Olympics were on TV at the restaurant and while we sat and talked our conversation drifted into “What if there were Clown Olympics?” Events like stilt walking relays, rubber chicken tossing and pie in the face challenges were joked about. Not that we are planning such a competition but silly ideas for skits and picnic games can come from clowns getting together for a little social time. Having social meet ups is a good time to get ideas on your own personal clowning techniques. Having trusted friends to help with ideas on your show or discuss business tips is very key in being a successful entertainer. If you are working out a new skit, trying a new balloon twist or pondering over a new face paint design, friends can often help solve the puzzle as they have a different perspective than you.

We are happy to have so many talented people that are now writing blogs about clowning and face painting here at the Clown Antics family. We feel this is a good tool for our customers who may not always have the opportunity to gather with like minded friends. Social media has become a terriffic tool in the artistic and entertainment community, one can find information on nearly anything these days. We hope that our blog posts and contest challenges are inspiring to you and help make your journey in the world of family entertainment a great experience.

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