Clown Selfie Winner - Shawn Lahey and the Anah Shrine Klowns

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We got some awesome photo entries in our January 2019 Clown Selfie contest! It was a tough decision, but we picked a winner!

Clown Selfie Winner - Shawn Lahey and the Anah Shrine Klowns

Shawn "Megabyt3 the Klown" Lahey has been a clown in spirit most of his life, but just starting putting on the wig and makeup in 2014 after joining Shriner's International and the Anah Shrine Klowns.

Their Shrine Temple spreads a huge geographic location and has two clown units. Each with about 25-30 clowns (or klowns, depending on the location) active in their unit. The tradition has been to take a group photo between circus shows and this was one of the largest group photos Shawn has seen since starting. So, the inspiration is simple - our large family of clowns and klowns, getting together to have fun raising money and awareness for our Shrine Hospitals.

Shawn says that his wife indirectly inspired him to become a klown. After a couple years of volunteering at the Shrine Circus's cotton candy booth with her (note the hair and it's likeness to cotton candy... it's a nod to this beginning), Shawn joined the Shriner's in order to do more. Since then, every patient he's met has been an inspiration to keep going and doing more, to be "the best klown I can be!"

You can see loads more pictures of MegaByt3 and some of the Anah Shrine Klowns on his Facebook page - @MegaByt3.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Honorable Mention - Goober D Clown
Goober D Clown

Honorable Mention - Sargent "Flatfoot"
Sargent "Flatfoot"

Honorable Mention - How-Dee

And here are all the entries in our Clown Selfie Contest!

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