Clown Supplies Giveaway Winner: Cotton the Hobo Clown

Congratulations to this week's clown supplies giveaway winner, Will Fowler, AKA Cotton the Hobo Clown! Every week, we are giving away a $25 gift certificate to our store,, and this week's lucky winner will tell us a little about what she does! We would like to thank Contto for taking the time to tell us his story!

Clown Supplies Weekly Giveaway

Thank you to all who entered, and don't forget, that every week we have a winner, so make sure to keep those entries coming! ENTER THE CONTEST NOW!

We asked our winners to tell us a little bit about themselves, and this is what Cotton had to say!

Cotton the Hobo Clown

I am honored to win. Thank you so much. I am not sure which picture I submitted.  Cotton is a Shriner clown from Cahaba Shrine in Huntsville, Alabama.  I have been clowning for about 4 years now.  

Cotton the Hobo Clown

My grandmother inspired me to be a clown.  She always loved Emmitt Kelly Sr. And Jr.  So I wanted to honor her by being a hobo/tramp clown.  And my grandfather’s nickname was Cotton, so I wanted to honor him by using his nickname.  I have always enjoyed kids and making people laugh so it was a great fit.

Cotton the Hobo Clown

Thank you, Cotton, for sharing your heartwarming story with us! We hope you'll keep on clowning and making children laugh! We appreciate what you do!

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