Clowning 101

Okay, it is time for me to share my most embarrassing, and hilarious, clown story.  This story is true, and names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

Maatmeur rowtha 069

That picture is one of my first attempts at costume and makeup. And if that isn’t embarrassing enough….

There must be a Clown Handbook, and the first bit of wisdom in it is “Don’t go in a bank in clown costume”. Sadly, I didn’t read the handbook.

Years ago, when a friend asked me to deliver Christmas gifts to a bank, neither of us thought anything of it. The good news is, I lived to tell the story! And so did the bank president, even though I think I gave him a minor heart attack. (And I’m sure he still tells this story, too!)

So here is Peach E., going in and out of the bank, bringing gift baskets to employees and handing out cookie tins (big cylinders shaped like Christmas Nutcrackers). The ‘friend’ who hired me didn’t want to be known, so there was no name on the gifts telling who they were from.

Believe it or not, I was there quite a while before being surrounded by men in suits asking who I was and what was I doing in their bank. That was the exact moment I realized I was in a bank, dressed like a clown!

Praise God, I didn’t have balloons with me! I don’t even like to think about what would have happened if I blew up a balloon and it popped!  Might have been ‘shoot first, ask questions later’. I also thank the Lord for making sure I put business cards in my clown pocket with my real name and phone number on them. That was the only identification I had.

I know, if I was really hearing from the Lord, I would have called the bank first and let them know I was coming, but I learned a lot that day. The Lord showed me that I won’t always avoid hazardous situations, but no matter how dangerous, He is with me. I may find myself in places that I shouldn’t be in, but I am protected. I truly believe that experience was preparing me for living in Tunisia and the situations I would find myself in here.

So, don’t worry. As much as Jesus loves the little children, He loves clowns, too!


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Nice story. I played many times for clown at a event for kids. Greetings from the Netherlands.

Harald Kroeze

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