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Hi there boys and girls guess what time it is! It’s time to share some clown knowledge from our resident know-it-alls, Tippy and Rustopher. First off for a quick introduction; these clown brothers are the alter egos of Dan Jones and Russ Kennedy both of whom have been clowning for over two decades and have an abundance of experience both in the field and as clown instructors. This duo has performed in almost every venue and situation one can imagine and love to share their experiences, both good and bad, with other clowns. The stage shows produced by these two buffoons take audiences through a story line full of gags, jokes, stunts and some full on magic and illusions all the while keeping the show broad enough for the young and young at heart.

We hope you have been following our blogs, tutorials and articles up to this point and have found them useful and interesting.  Tippy and Rustopher decided it was high time to put their heads together and come with a top notch tid bits, tricks and other things clowns may find useful; you already got a first glimpse in “Behind the scenes with Tippy” the tutorial on white face makeup application. Don’t worry, we will still have posts on face paint design, balloon twisting, product reviews and the like but you now will receive bonus material from the masters of mayhem Tippy and Rustopher. We have some great things in the works and we will be bringing them to you right here at Clown!

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So to get things started, here is some clown lingo.


  1. Auguste is not the miss spelling of the month following July but is a type of clown.
  2. Balloon Jam is not a tasty spread one puts on a piece of toast but rather when a group of people gathers to share tips on balloon twisting.
  3. Clown Alley is not a place where bad clowns hang out and cause trouble but was a term given to the dressing area for the clown unit in the circus. Today a clown club is also called an alley.
  4. Burping a balloon, well that’s pretty much just as it sounds. Letting a small amount of air escape from a twisting balloon prior to tying which makes a bit of a burping sound. This helps soften the balloon for easier twisting.
  5. Patter in this case is not the sound of little feet running across the floor. Patter is the story line delivered while performing a magic trick.
  6. Joey is not just a baby kangaroo but also is a nickname for a clown. This is in honor of Joseph Grimaldi, the father of clowning.
  7. Blow Off is not just how most men do the dusting but also refers to the punch line of a skit.
  8. First of May is not the beginning of spring but a term used for someone in their first season as a clown, the term originating from the circus.
  9. Balloon Pumps are not the latest trend in ladies foot wear but a device used to inflate your balloons.
  10. Bump a nose is a term for wishing luck like “break a leg.”
  11. Ear twist and pinch twist are two methods used in creating balloon sculptures, not what Moe does to Curly.

Stay tuned for more wisdom from Tippy and Rustopher.





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