Clowns gone Global!


Okay, it’s true that clowns have been global for a few centuries now but the news is, Global Paints are here!  This Australian based company has been around since the early 90’s and has been getting noticed more broadly in the face paint world as of late. Global is ultra concerned about keeping their product as allergy free as possible, complying with FDA and European makeup safety standards. Keeping the products perfume free is just one more step in customer care.

Global 1

Global offers a variety of colors in their lineup from standard red, green, and blue to brilliant neon and soft pearl cakes. I was able to try a few of the paint cakes and I was very impressed with the rich colors and opacity of the paint. The sample photo above was done by just getting a brush damp, loading it with paint and one brush stroke to apply it to the skin. Global paints are easily activated with water, give you great coverage and clean up with soap and water.


With the large catalog of colors, one could easily make an entire face paint kit form the Global line. Did we mention the huge selection of split cakes! How fun are these going to be at your next kid’s party. Please take some time and check out the new stock here at Clown Antics, you might just get hooked.


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