Clowns have Mothers too.

An early Tippy and his mom Betty.

Okay so I don’t expect that you are shopping at Clown Antics for a mother’s day gift, unless of course you mom is a clown. Nevertheless we want to give a big thank you to mom’s everywhere this Mothers Day.

Moms are there through all of their kids hobbies and sports including clowning; many moms even sewed our first clown costume or bought us a magic kit to get us on the way to or latest endeavor. How many moms out there had their lipstick and eyeliner ruined because we used them to draw our first clown face or endured hours of clown skits and magic tricks as we perfect our skills. Let’s face it; clown moms deserve a big hand for sticking by their aspiring young joeys.

Moms who are also clowns.

Moms who are also clowns.

We see in the photo to the left, some fine ladies who are both clowns and mothers getting honored at a banquet. In my circle of clowning friends many of our moms, when able, still come to our events to show their support. As a matter of fact, there have been a couple of mother daughter clown teams in my area and I know they truly enjoyed having that common bond. My pal Tippy and I were hired as the entertainment for a Mothers Day Banquet at which both of our moms attended; we were overjoyed to be able to honor our mothers with our skills as clowns. We of course made sure to get both our moms involved in a routine and they each received a special bouquet of flowers.  Although that banquet was some years ago, we all remember it fondly. In the photo at the top of the page, you see a young Tippy accompanied by his mom, they were riding in a parade on a fire engine.

Miles and his mom.

Miles and his mom.

I don’t think I have a bigger fan than my own mother, she willfully admits to anyone she meets that her son is a clown. Her gift of love and support is immeasurable and I truly am blessed to have her behind me as I walk this world in my giant clown shoes.



Thank you to all the mothers out there who nurture their children in all the different aspects of their lives, especially those moms of clowns, without them we may not have as much laughter in the world.

From the Clown Antics family, have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Balloon Flower Bouquet.


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