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Looking for some good magic and you want it to be easy? Well the magic coloring book is one of the easiest tricks on the market to learn and present. We’ve made it easy to learn with another video on the Clown Channel, just click the image above.

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The performer shows the front of what appears to be an normal coloring book but when the pages are turned there are no pictures to color. With magical gesture, the book is now filled with line drawings waiting to be colored. Finally, the audience helps the magician color the pictures with a little more hocus pocus.

This little beauty has been on the market for decades and comes in a few different themes, like circus or Bible version.


If you can flip through pages with your thumb then you can handle this magic trick with ease. A variation to the basic routine is to change the coloring book back to no pictures, swap the gimmick book out for a blank one and the crowd can examine the book close up. Having a good story line for your routine is what will really make the magic happen.

So make sure to practice and have fun when you perform!

To see more videos just follow the link below.

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