Customizing Your Jim Howle Clown Nose

Jim Howle noses are distinctive. Named for America's premier clown portrait artist (and a frequent Clown Camp instructor), Jim Howle noses are made of acrylic-coated latex and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, including traditional red and hobo (flesh-tone), many of which which we carry in stock.

Most of the Jim Howle Noses available on Clown Antics are what Jim calls red gloss. This is a standard craft color found in many craft stores that Jim uses as the basis for the color in building of the nose because it creates a good durable exterior finish that can be redone by the customer if desired. It has a good sheen but doesn't have an extremely glossy shine unless repainted.

The natural color noses (flesh) are a softer compound and a more satin surface that can easily be matched to the your grease paint flesh base just by applying your makeup to it - rubbed in and blended to suit. You can even make them red with the grease paint, making a nice matte red effect that blends with the face rather rather than overstating the importance of the nose. Of course you have to powder the makeup on the nose just like the face to prevent offset.

Supplies for painting a clown noseTo repaint your gloss red Jim Howle nose for a super shiny finish, purchase a bottle of Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint in Real Red Gloss (or your desired shade). You will also need rubbing alcohol, paper towels and something to set the nose on between coats - like a small bottle of Jim Howle nose glue, as shown.

First clean the nose with alcohol to prep the surface. Open the paint bottle and place the clown nose on two or three finger tips to hold it. With the index finger of the other hand, take a tiny dab of paint and rub a very thin coat onto the clown nose. This makes it nice and even. Allow it to dry for one hour between coats. Too much at a time makes for uneven applications. When the nose has reached the color level that suits you allow it to dry completely for 72 hours.

Enjoy your shiny new clown nose!
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I need a flesh tone nose . I don’t remember the size. Can you help me.

Jack Erbstein

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